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Code to spawn out corpses?

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So I need some code that would spawn out dead corpses of monsters, is there a function for this? If not does anyone have any methods of doing this? I checked the ZDoom Wiki and no luck.


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Gez said:

You can either spawn living actors and kill them immediately, or you can spawn corpse actors. There are a few. Look at them here:

You will have to use a spawn function that uses class names rather than spawn numbers, obviously. See those two:

Sorry I worded that badly, I mean, I need code that once I kill a monster, its body would dissapear.

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I have a delay timer, in which after 200 ticks, the bodies will dissapear rather then just instantly. Thats the problem, I need code just to tell it to "remove this thing" rather then "remove this TID".

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