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Stacked sectors, kind of

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Hey again,

Ya'know how you can stack sectors in Zdoom (http://zdoom.org/wiki/Stacked_sectors)? I was wondering if you could do this with walls as well. As in you have a texture that provides a view into another part of the map that's not really there. Kind of like a camera, but with better perspective rendering.



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No. There are no wall portals in ZDoom.

You have such effects in Eternity, though.

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In ZDoom you can do this to a certain extent. Simply make your floor portal like normal, but instead make it a thin sector with a ridiculously angled slope. This works easily in ZDoom's software renderer, but you may need to do some tricks to get GZDoom to render them properly (I'm pretty sure this is what Urban Brawl uses for the bus on the bridge level so it should be possible to render in GZDoom).

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