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Feature suggestion: a way to find out if a FRIEND is pursuing enemies not the player

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Specific to MBF friends is that they let you do the dirty work, until you get damaged. Then, mostly only then, they react.

I'd like to be able to determine when they're in the "attack monsters" state and not in "passively follow players".

Case in point: I'm using friendly turrets in my map. Most of the time, they're passive, glancing at the player. I'd like that when the player is hurt and they start bombarding the monsters, to make a loud noise. Normally one would say I could use the missile frame sequences for this, but I don't want them to make the sound every time they fire. I want it to be independent and more like a frame scripting condition.

Could it work as an extension to TargetJump, where the check is this one I'm asking?

EDIT: It appears that friends are much more responsive to enemy sighting if you set NO to "monsters don't give up pursuit" compatibility mode or YES (or was it NO?) to "Monsters remember target" monster AI mode. Side effect? I don't know which of them did it, though.

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