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Door and a Switch

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I just want to know how to make a door activate via switch. It is as far as I know, the only kinda door I cannot make. I havn't really found anything on how to do this (even though I don't really even try), so I deided to just come here and ask: How to make a Door open via a wall switch.

Thanks to any-one-or-more guys/gals that can help me.

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You need to give each of them a tag, and it needs to be the same tag for the switch to cause the door to open.

You need to choose a door action type that offers a tag - i.e. a remote door.

To get an idea of how it is done, open up a map that uses this type of thing if you editor, and look at the tags and action types.

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Yes, you can always learn from existing maps...

Switch actions are easy once you figure it out - they can also be used for lifts, moving floors and ceilings, crushers, etc.

To make a switch you need to make sure the front linedef is facing the right way (you can't activate the back). Give it a switch texture, select the action you want, and then give it a TAG that is available. Doombuilder has the convenient "Find Unused" or whatever, it will give you a tag number that hasn't been put on any line or sector yet. Then, put that same tag number on the sector you want to do something.

Remember to place textures in spots that will become visible - for example if you have a lift, there may be sides that are only visible when the lift is lowered, so these will need textures even though you can't see it at first

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