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Melee Weapons

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I'm currently on a hunt for (edit: some premade) melee weapons that would fit the setting of modern days (ex: a fire axe...actually an axe of some sort would be preferable). Anyone able to recommend some decent ones?

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Do you mean already created weapon mods? Or just ideas for weapons?

To be more specific than "fire axe" call it a pulaski

Also you should have bahh nakh

I bet this is no help at all

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How about a katana, crowbar, lead pipe, beer bottle or a police baton? Baseball bat or a wrench would be cool too. Oh, and don't forget the good ol' chainsaw.

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I'm sorry, I was rather tired at the time of creating this thread. Yes I would like pre-made weapons, as I have the artistic skills of a blind, amputated kitten.

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Lizardcommando said:

beer bottle

Haha this would be great indeed :D Or is this already used in some wad?

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