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Edge doesn't play custom midis

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I'm making a wad and none of my midis play in Edge. I'm using the latest version 1.34. The songs play in ZDoom, GZDoom, Skulltag, ZDaemon, Odamex, Eternity, MSDOS Boom, PrBoom, PrBoom+, and Legacy. But not Edge. I even deleted my whole Edge folder and started it again and still won't work. Whats up with this?

wad is here

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Change the music device to TIMIDITY (in the sound option menu), and install a GUS patchset as per the README (which you probably did for some of those other ports) and then real MIDI files will work.

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SonicIce said:

ok timidity works but why doesn't system midi work like every other port?

Our code only supports MUS format music, which was fine at the time the guy wrote it (something like 10 years ago), since everyone was using MUS then.

The code cannot "just be fixed", since MIDI is a lot more complicated than MUS. Hence the only choice is either keep what we've got, which works for all the IWADs and most pwads out there, or remove it and make everybody use the TIMIDIY option.

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ok thanks for the info. if they were mus would they work and can i convert midi to mus?

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