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xwe endoom help

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It's a part of XWE I haven't used before so this guide's going to be very brief- (assumes you've created a lump called ENDOOM).

The small white box marks the current cursor position in the workspace, that can be re-positioned with a left-mouse click. Right-clicking leaves a smiley - don't know why.
The colour strip sets the Foreground (left-mouse button) and Background (right-mouse button) colours used when entering text - which is typed into the rectangular box above the colour strip and remains there until you delete it.
The Grid tick box overlays an 80x25 grid on the workspace, which can be handy for checking layout and alignment.

Turning to the TextScreen menu-

Fill - will fill the current cursor position or an area (selected by clicking and dragging the cursor box) with a character - using the current foreground/background colours. It uses ASCII codes and defaults to the <space> character.
Copy Area - copies a selected area of workspace.
Paste Area- pastes to the workspace, starting from the current cursor position.
Copy current character - will copy whatever's within the cursor box (including it's colours) and use it to replace the <space> character.
Save - does just that.

Hope this helps.

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I don't know if i'm missing something, but i cannot seem to modify the ENDDOOM lump i created in textscreen format. What should i do?

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To save screen you must enter some letters in the screen . To write letters use box right of the grid.

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