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More about Sanity

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Hello again,

As I'm sure a few of you remember, I released a wad called Sanity, and about 10 days ago it found it's way onto the archive. Sadly since then it has only gotten 2 comments both of which were friends of mine who had played and enjoyed Sanity. Thus it has gotten a very high rating it may not deserve, so I'd like anyone who's willing to give it a try to do so if I've got your attention.

Here are some screenies:


And here is the wad.

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If I remember several people played this when you originally posted about it (including me), and now it will be reviewed in /newstuff so more people will notice it. Don't see the point in starting yet another thread unless you revamped the thing.

Start a new project

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Starting threads like this is fairly pointless unless you have something new to show. I suggest you either make a new map or at least update the original version before creating new threads about it.

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