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Bloodite Krypto

Combining multiple sky textures?

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Simply put, I have 4 sky textures each representing a 1/4 of the full picture when combined. I'm curious on knowing how one goes about making a WAD register multiple skies to be used for MAPS 01-11 for instance. I've noticed several wads use different naming methods, Plutonia employs a numerical difference (I.e: SKY1A-1B-1C), Requieum on the otherhand uses a completely different naming system.

Having no thorough experience with a map editor but a frequent user of XWE and Wintex, I assume from a naive POV that it would require editing the MAPINFO or an obscure detail so the WAD can recognize the allocated file name?

Or in a nut shell how did 'Deus Vult' do it?

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The three patch names for the skies are called rsky1, rsky2, and rsky3.

Insert your custom sky texture and rename it as one of the three above.

There is also another way to change a maps sky for each level. You must use MAPINFO in order to input custom skies for each level though and it is really easy to learn by yourself.

Take the wad claus1024 and open it in a lump editor. Find MAPINFO and look at how everything is organized.

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He wants to know how to make a wide sky, like in Final Doom. You can do this only one way, really, and it's through the TEXTURE1 lump.

Read up on the articles Gez posted. Textures are not direct graphics in the wad. Instead they are formed using multiple graphics called "patches". Using a wad editor like XWE, here are the steps you need to take:

1. Insert the new sky graphics into your PWAD. We'll assume there are four 256-wide parts of your sky (to make a full 360 degree sky) called MYSKY1, MYSKY2, MYSKY3, and MYSKY4.
2. Select all these graphics in the lump list, right click, and choose the option that adds them as textures. This will create a PNAMES lump with all the Doom II patches plus the four new ones you added. It will also create a stock TEXTURE1 lump with all the Doom II textures, and also add your sky graphics as in-game textures.
3. Go to the TEXTURE1 lump, and delete the new 4 entries at the end of the lump. We don't need these because we're modifying SKY1 to use the new patches instead. We just wanted a TEXTURE1 lump in the PWAD to work with.
4. Now go to SKY1 in the TEXTURE1 lump, change the width to 1024, and from the Texture menu in the menubar, add 3 more patches to SKY1. For the SKY1 texture, the patches should look something like this:

UID  PID  PatchName xPos yPos
          MYSKY1    0    0
          MYSKY2    256  0
          MYSKY3    512  0
          MYSKY4    768  0
No need to mess with the UID or PID, those are set automatically. You just want to give each patch the name corresponding to its graphic in the wad, and set each of them to different offsets, so they do not overlap but fill the entire sky texture width.

You can also make this a bit easier by making the sky graphic 1024 wide and just using one patch, but I'm not sure you can do that in vanilla (although I don't think there would be any problem with it).

To replace a specific episode sky, you need to do this to SKY1, SKY2, or SKY3, whichever "episode" your map belongs in. For ZDoom-based ports, there is the MAPINFO lump which lets you define which texture to use per map.

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I don't really get technical with all this stuff. I just do what I normally would do and it shows up.

I learn everything completely different than anyone. 90% of the time I have no idea about the information...I just know what goes where and what not to do.

Thank you for clarifying all this EarthQuake.

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The MBF Sky Transfer function can also be used to implement wrap-around skies and multiple skies per episode.

EDIT - Here's a small demo map. If your favourite port doesn't support this function it'll display Doom2's episode 1 sky.

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