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Hi folks, and CodeImp.

First off, thanks for DB2.

Now to the question, I've encountered a small issue.

I have made a gigantic square sector that stretches about 10,000 units in each direction, and inside this square sector are many other sectors - all made up of 2 sided linedefs. The sectors inside add up to about 2,000, and the linedef count may be around 12,000.

When I create new sectors inside this large sector, they are created with single-sided linedefs, instead of 2-sided as they should be when creating sectors inside a sector.

The problem arose a while ago and I worked around it because I was finishing up the map, but I've decided to continue for a little longer, and so, I'm wondering if there is a remedy to this problem, or if I have to manually just edit the linedefs that make up the new sector I create, and assign a second sidedef accompanied by the outer sector's sector number.

I actually doubt there is a fix to it right now, so here's a heads-up on bug reports, at least.

Great editor, and the 3D view is really appreciated. I would like the view distance to be much longer, however. I think I've maxed the view distance and I don't see a point in it being limited by software rather than hardware, but it could have a technical reason I'm not aware of.

Vaya con dios.

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Make sure you're not holding the Ctrl key when drawing the first vertex, that will create 1-sided lines. If that's not the reason I can just guess that DB2 somehow fails to recognize that you're drawing inside of an existing sector. Can you provide a link to the wad?

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Are you sure you didn't delete the outside sector by accident or something? Are these 1-sided sectors broken, or not? Is it really necessary to build your level in one huge 10000 unit box? Probably not.

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It just happens on a certain sector that covers most of the square landscape. There may be a problem with that sector; a line somewhere that isn't properly connected with another line, or something.

Kudos on the rhetorical questions, Magicsofa :) lol...


here's a screenshot - mouse pointer is missing, but it was pointing in the highlighted sector, and the square sector with the impassable lines (furthest down) is what i got when i drew a new sector - it's missing the 2nd sidedefs.

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Did you run the map checks (F4 I think)? Do those sectors have a black/very dark floor texture? If no floor texture is shown at all it's likely that the sectors aren't closed. But it's impossible to tell from a screenshot.

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I've run the error checker many times but haven't seen anything regarding this.

Thanks for your efforts but I think CodeImp might be best suited to figure this out.

I will do some mapping later on, and examine the sector thoroughly to check for errors...

Sorry about the screenshot, but I'd rather not send the files around - it's a peculiarity of mine... :)

Thanks anyhow. I'll report back if I find anything...

The black surface is a black texture, BTW, so it's not that.

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