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Hollow City (News Thread) *As Promised >.>*

If I Rebuild Hollow City For Another Engine, What Engine Should I Use?  

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  1. 1. If I Rebuild Hollow City For Another Engine, What Engine Should I Use?

    • Skulltag
    • ZDaemon
    • Other
    • Keep It For ZDoom Only

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5-20-10: Well I got to work on the project and it's turning out nice. fatalerror has provided me with good city textures and I've been playing around with the level design. One of the major issues I've been having with the level design was making it non-linear and making the skyboxes look nice. Level 1 is turning out nice. I already finished the intro and the titlemap. I've been playing around with the storyline concept and I keep changing it. So far level 1 starts off in a back alley like neighborhood with some 1-2 story apartments surrounding you. You follow through the backalley and you enter a 3 story building. So far the building is empty but I just recently added a rain weather effect to the map. I also added custom weapons and difficulties:


Damage - Low
FireRate - Triple Burst [Alt Fire Shoots An Entire Clip - 12 Rounds]
Reload - Fast [Medium With Alt Fire]
Accuracy - Very High [Alt Fire Does Not Effect Accuracy]

Damage - Medium [Alt Fire - High]
FireRate - 4 Rapid Shots Before Reload [Alt Fire Shoots 2 Barrels]
Reload - Medium [Alt Fire Does Not Effect Reload Speed]
Accuracy - Medium [Low With Alt Fire]

AutoChaingun: *Yeah chainguns are already automatic, don't remind me.
Damage - High [If You're Right In Their Face]
FireRate - Crazy [Shoots Twice As Fast As Normal Chaingun And Fires 3 Projectiles Per Bullet.]
Reload - None [Spin-up Before Firing]
Accuracy - Very Low [You Won't Be Able To Hit A Broad Side Of A Barn]


Desc - You Roam The Streets, Barely Noticed By Watchful Eyes. y/n
Factors - 2x Ammo, 0.5 Damage Taken

Desc - You Live In The City, Unoticed. y/n
Factors - 0.75 Damage Taken

Desc - You Fight For Freedom. y/n
Factors - N/A

Desc - You Lead Rebels Into Battle. y/n
Factors - 1.5 Damage Taken

Desc - You Die Among Your Comrades. y/n
Factors - Fast Monsters, No Cheats, 2.0 Damage Taken

Desc - Heroes live Forever. Legends Never Die. y/n
Factors - Fast Monsters, No Cheats, 3.0 Damage Taken
*You Will Not Survive This, I Repeat, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE THIS!!!

Anyways please comment on what you think of the project so far, how I should change it, what I should add, map ideas, etc.

ALSO: Keep an eye on this thread, I'll be posting updates here. HOPEFULLY I can get the demo up soon. Also extra city textures would be appreciated if you could provide! You will get credit!!!

*Screenshots coming soon!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't your WAD work with Skulltag and ZDaemon considering they are both using ZDooms base?

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No. They both are zdoom builds but they are ONLY builds. Most features will work but it will be highly unstable and multiple textures might be missing because I like to use texture flats in ZDoom.

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