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HLTV Proxy

HLTV Proxy's Singleplayer+coop.

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Hello again! This is a WIP single player map.

I said that I would work on a single player map, and I am going to give you some screenshots of what I've done so far.

I'm lacking ideas of how to continue past the Administration room, so maybe some people can help me out?

Where players will spawn, this is the starting area:

Here, you can see that the spawn pads have a power source of their own.

An armor dispenser that is part of the starting area.

And finally, the admin area. Tried to emulate some dynamic lighting there.

Hope this sparks someones interest.

Edit: Forgot to mention, it's for skulltag.

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Focus on creating good gameplay rather than building the rooms around the translucent lights or a desk or something. Some more texture and height variation would go well too. There is some potential in the screens, keep working at it. :)

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I'm not trying to put down your map, but the choice in textures is really bad in those pictures. Maybe try and stick to a theme. (Eg. the light-grey and brown textures don't mix too well)

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I personally never play any skulltag map, so its definitely not my thing. The rooms aren't bad, but I think using different textures would make it better. Just experiment a little with different sets of textures. You seem to run out of ideas after the first few rooms allready, that can't be good.

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I've run out of ideas because I simply do not know how to continue, I need some sense of direction.

And I'll do my best to get the game play worked out.

Ok, so my choice of textures don't really phase you, fair enough. I was trying to go for a tech base look, so what textures would be recommended?

Also, where would you have the heights?

I love hearing other peoples ideas, so if you have a suggestion that may make my map look more decent, feel free to drop a comment.

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