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My Doom Music Cover

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Hello all, here are my latest doom covers. The album contains 23 Doom and 2 Doom2 tracks. Thanks all...enjoy!


























full album


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Sounds nice but alot of the songs sound like they were not made on any real instruments, only piping MIDIs through a special sound font with some instrument tweaking.

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Sounds pretty nice. Nice work =)

I'll critique better once I listen through them all in depth.

edit 1; first thoughts -
So far, E1M9 seems like the best of the bunch. You really nailed this cover faithful to the original, and kept the very nice swing of it. Definitely my favorite.

Assuming these are meant to be relatively faithful to the originals, E1M8 needs to hold the notes longer, and could also use a little more distortion on the long notes.

Also, as the above poster said, a lot of the sounds are very unnatural from instruments, and gives it a real Midi-heavy feel. If this was intentional or not I'm not sure.

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Very nice, are you working on the remaining Doom2 songs?

On a side note, excellent first post/introduction into the forum by the way.

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Like GhostlyDeath said, these sound pretty much note-for-note like the originals piped through a fancy soundfont. Interestingly you've changed a few instruments around, so I'll comment on those.

Whatever you're using for the metal songs are some of the coolest computer-generated guitars and drums I've ever heard. E1M1, E1M4, E1M9 and E3M1 are enjoyably heavy, I will listen to these again. I love what you did with E2M1, I felt myself getting worked up just listening to it. E3M3 is totally awesome and made me headbang and rock out with my air guitar :D

One area I felt was lacking was the scary songs. E1M3 and E1M5 have nowhere near the atmosphere of their OPL or Roland originals. E1M8 is just awful, the instrument is sposed to be spooky voices like hallowed monks chanting, not a guitar. E1M7 and E2M2 are a strange mix of clashing themes and I don't really feel they work at all. The lead in E2M6 is ear-grating. The second guitar is E3M1 is a bit "twangy" and tends to ruin what is otherwise a really nice sound. I couldn't decide whether I like E3M2 or not, it's like it's trying to be both a really heavy guitar track and that odd Bobby Prince style poppy half-depressing parlor music at the same time; again, clashing themes. Intermission and MAP01 had a bit too much distortion for my liking.

Overall some interesting and enjoyable tracks and some not so good ones. I'd like to see more of your own bits and pieces rather that just the original notes with new instruments. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah the guitars are deliciously abrasive and thrashy.

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I was pleasantly surprised, I thought you only had one or two tracks done but I open the thread to an entire game completed.

These are great metal/hard rock covers, keep up the good work!

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