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NEVERMIND: Trying to change some weapon frame codepointers to NULL via BEX

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I'm building a project for Doom 1 MBF (or PrBoom if you like) where you have the KDiZD super shotgun instead of the Doom 1 shotgun. The SSG reloading sequence is updated to look the same as in KDiZD, and I had to sacrifice frame #31 (the second regular shotgun flash) to give room for the last remaining frame of the reloading.

The problem is that the existence of the following lines in the BEX causes both WinMBF 2.03 build 2 and current Eternity to crash. I needed to write it because the KDiZD sequence looks different from the Doom 2 SSG.

Frame 31 = NULL
Frame 37 = CheckReload
Frame 38 = NULL
Frame 41 = NULL
Frame 43 = LoadShotgun
Frame 44 = NULL
Frame 45 = CloseShotgun2
It's the only place so far in my BEXs where I use "NULL" code pointers.

EDIT: it seems Whacked2 merely is uneducated on the subject. LoadShotgun should be LoadShotgun2. Thread closed.

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