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Architecture of DOOM

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hello, I have been thinking of the ways of drawing a room in one sector before adding on light, pipes, extra floor and-so-on sectors. and which geometry is the best to use in different envoriments ( not just the shapes of envorimental items like chairs and boxes ect ).

also i kind of wonder how ID made their maps the way they did, the design of course, was there any base of it all?

the most simple is the square, adding a squares (my favorite) beside each other I once made it into a elevator with alot of room (3-2 slots 64x64) for shotgun guys inside the walls for example, so u technicaly get sort of random damage before entering next piece of map.

in doom episode1 at E5 you see much mixed geometry which is kind of intresting.

so this is all generally about your favorite way of mapping simple, with any kind of situaion or scenario.

gladly use pics to show what you really think of.

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I try to avoid square room myself because it looks LINEAR. If I am forced to use a square room, I spice it up. I add in missing wall and floor panels. Some (FAKE 3D) pipes and such. I try to make (FAKE 3D) Walkways and such and sometimes a fake floor sector above. I also try populating the room with crates maybe and try to use slopes to avoid that linear look. Personally my role in mapping falls greatly in city theme maps. My current project is Hollow City which hopefully I can get done by the end of next month if I stop being lazy.

P.S. IdSoftware's maps were harder to make than you think. Due to the fact that programs were top notch like Doom Builder 2 and not user friendly and they had huge technology restrictions. Hate that you can't run your Modern Warfare 2 on max settings? You should feel bad for the people back then who couldn't urn DOOM 2 on high settings... :/

P.S.S. City theme maps are one of the hardest themes to create in my opinion relating once back to the LINEAR LOOK. You got tall, sqaure buildings. That's linear. That's one of the major issues I've been having with Hollow City. I've been avoiding this look by making interesting skyboxes and making sloped roofs, some blown up buildings, etc.

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