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Hexen Textures

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So I'm trying to steal some of the textures off of the Hexen wad (mainly the animated switch textures), but when I copy them from the Hexen wad and paste them into my texture wad they dont get copied over properly and appear all grey and white. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and how I can get those textures, or, failing that, does anyone know of a Doom wad which already has all the hexen textures in?

Im using Slumped

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The textures do get copied perfectly properly. Remember, though, that a perfect copy is not what you want in this case.

The picture format used by Doom does not contain its own palette, instead the images use an external palette (PLAYPAL). The Doom and Hexen palettes are very different, as you can see here. If you try SLADE3, you'll see that a palette selector with a range of palettes is now available.

So, to import a graphic, you need to keep its original colors. First, convert them to PNG while they are still in Hexen. (Just don't try to save the iwad afterwards.) Then, copy/paste them in your mod.

Once you have done that, if your mod is for Vavoom, ZDoom or a derivative (maybe GLBoom as well? I'm not sure), that's enough. If you want a greater compatibility, you have to convert the PNG back to the Doom graphic format, and it'll be adapted to the Doom palette. Keep in mind that the trade-off in doing so is that if the exact same color isn't found, then the closest approximation is used. This can result in severe quality loss if the source graphic uses colors misrepresented in the Doom palette.

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