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Weird starting problem with GZDooM

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Got a crazy problem with GZDooM/Skulltag here, hope anybody can help me out.
I downloaded the new ATi Catalyst Drivers (v.10.4/WinXP32) for my Radeon HD 5770 and installed it. So I wanted to start GZDooM 1.4.3. But yeah, nothing happens. Same problem with skulltag. So I uninstalled the new driver, changed back to the old one. (v.10.1). Nothing happens, same problem. I tried out the new GZDooM 1.4.8. Same problem. I tried out other openGL Games(DooM3), no problems there, everything works just fine. In Catalyst Control Center, I made a few changes, but nothing happens. GZDooM and Skulltag won't start. When I start GZDooM.exe/skulltag.exe, my monitor runs black for 5 seconds and switches back to the desktop. wtf happens there??
Thanks alot for all help.

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You should link to the directory rather than directly to a file. Files are deleted as they are replaced by newer versions, remaining usually no longer than two weeks.


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