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Disk files?

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Gez said:
Is it related to the XBLA Doom II thing?

Judging from the directory layout, I'd say yes.

Did the XBLA (Ultimate) Doom port also use a .disk file?

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Big bump just to chat about inconsequential technical details.

The metadata format as understood by Eternity doesn't seem to work for the Doom II metadata itself. Sure, it doesn't matter since the IWAD doesn't need it, but...

Here's the nerve metadata:

Doom II: No Rest for the Living
TROUBLE WAS BREWING AGAIN <snip rest of stuff>
level 1: the earth base
level 2: the pain labs
level 3: canyon of the dead
level 4: hell mountain
level 5: vivisection
level 6: inferno of blood
level 7: baron's banquet
level 8: tomb of malevolence
level 9: march of the demons
And Doom II's metadata:
Doom II: Hell on Earth
level 1: entryway
level 2: underhalls
level 3: the gantlet
level 4: the focus
level 5: the waste tunnels
level 6: the crusher
level 7: dead simple
level 8: tricks and traps
level 9: the pit
level 10: refueling base
level 11: circle of death
level 12: the factory
level 13: downtown
level 14: the inmost dens
level 15: industrial zone
level 16: suburbs
level 17: tenements
level 18: the courtyard
level 19: the citadel
level 20: gotcha!
level 21: nirvana
level 22: the catacombs
level 23: barrels o' fun
level 24: the chasm
level 25: bloodfalls
level 26: the abandoned mines
level 27: monster condo
level 28: the spirit world
level 29: the living end
level 30: icon of sin
level 31: wolfenstein
level 32: grosse
Eternity parses it this way:
episode ID
episode name
endtext (this seems optional)
level to return after visiting secret level (this seems optional)
WAD file name
secret level number (this seems to be the total amount of levels instead)
And for each level, then read this:
level name
music number
par time
The latter two lines seem optional as well.

Now this is totally inconsequential because it works well enough for nerve.wad, is not needed for doom2.wad, and it is unlikely that a new mission DLC would happen.

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Eternity's metadata parser was indeed only meant to work on the one that is for nerve.wad. The IWAD's is never read or used by EE because the executable already contains suitable data for playing DOOM II on its own.

I had to guess about the final number being the secret exit destination; there didn't seem to be anything else indicating it in the metadata. It may very well be that the last level in a Nerve-style mission pack is always the secret exit destination. To know for sure, you'd have to reverse engineer the XEX (which I'll note xttl did indeed do some work on previously and learned that it was based on the Linux Doom port directly).

If additional missions ever do appear (there is code in the XEX making reference to downloading of additional .disk files with paths that contain 'DLC' - downloadable content - as a path component), then I'd revisit the metadata parser at such time to make it work more generally.

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