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ACS monsters generator scripts

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this acs script is supposed to generate two new monsters with ID=1 around the boss with ID=2 whenever a child monster (ID=1) dies.
Unfortunately the result is that always one monster only is generated. It seems that one of the Spawn calls fails.
Can someone help me?

#include "zcommon.acs"
script 1 (void)
int PosX = GetActorX (2);
int PosY = GetActorY (2);
int r=random(0,1);
if (r==0) Spawn ("DoomImp", PosX,PosY+40,0,1,0);
else if(r==1) Spawn ("ZombieMan", PosX,PosY+40,0,1,0);
Spawn ("TeleportFog", PosX,PosY+40,0,0,0);
if (r==0) Spawn ("DoomImp", PosX,PosY-40,0,1,0);
else if(r==1) Spawn ("ZombieMan", PosX,PosY-40,0,1,0);
Thing_SetSpecial (1, 80, 1,0,0);
Spawn ("TeleportFog", PosX,PosY-40,0,0,0);


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The coordinates of the monster's position must be expressed in fixed point, and not in the editor coordinates...
Thank you anyway!

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