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Early Doom can cope with missing STBAR?

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Directly related to this, which is apparently based on v1.1 of DOOM.WAD, appears to lack the STBAR lump entirely.

This causes source ports to behave strangely with it: e.g. ZDoom will start but display garbage as the status bar's backgroun, PRBOOM will complain about not being able to find it, and strangely, vanilla Doom v1.1 runs it just fint with the status bar perfectly visible.

In XWE, I saw that the actual v1.1 DOOM.WAD has the STBAR entry, yet it plays "EXTRA.WAD" just fine even without it, when substituted for DOOM.WAD.

So, what gives? Are early versions of DOOM supposed to get the status bar information from somewhere else?

Edit: NM, figured it out. Apparently in Doom v1.1 (and earlier?) there is no STBAR graphic, but there are several partial status bar graphics STMBARR, STMBARL etc. that make up the whole status bar. There is even one for score :-p

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Yeah, they're a left over from the prebeta where the right side of the bar could be replaced by the text window (and the whole thing was different on the automap). I'm surprised they actually bothered making it into a single graphic for later versions and didn't leave it in two parts.

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