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Reviewing the HTC

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Anyone who regularly checks the /newstuff review center knows that the Heretic Treasure Chest is sitting at the bottom and nobody has even tried to claim it and then failed (as happens with many other wads)

I am willing to review some of it, however an entire 3 episodes is a little crazy and I don't think I could do it alone. I have actually only played through episode 1 so I could do that one more quickly than the rest. Also, two of the maps are my own: E2M1 and E3M4. It's not that I couldn't give myself a fair review (I would actually rip on E2M1 a lot because I think it kinda sucks) but it would be more interesting to have someone else review it.

So, anyone up for dividing the review process? I'm not sure how many people would be appropriate, but I'm thinking any more than 3 or 4 will get too varied and it won't be a review of the entire set anymore.

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well, I reviewed TGBM2 and it wasn't so bad, but that's because I didn't have to provide a review of each level separately. With HTC it is appropriate to go into detail about all of the maps

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yeah, although megadoomer basically reviewed all the other maps too, and didn't go map-by-map...I feel like that's not informative enough when talking about a project that basically has no cross map consistency or theme.

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