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This is the first level I've completed that I thought worthy of uploading. It is the first level in an 8 level megawad that I'm working on.

Note: there's is two secrets, but I couldn't figure out how to make sectors "secret" in hexen format. I'll fix it later when I release the other levels.


Use zdoom ^

Play and tell me what you think.

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Subatomic said:

Some screenshots would be nice.

Sorry about that, but the only computer I have at the moment is an old labtop with linux, and I can't get zdoom to compile. I might post some later when I can get to my other computer.

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Apparently the only way to get a vanilla secret flag in doom/in/hexen is to use the general effects and chose yes to just secret. Which is type 1024. Btw, the door to the secrets room is waaaay too dark, I could barely tell there was a door there in my second run-through. Need to lighten it up a bit. Also it seemed the cubbies can only be opened once - not a great idea, cause usually the only time that'll matter is an fda, which is really the only time a player should need to use secrets. Just have them stay open.

As for the rest of the map, the architecture was simple, but that's a lot better for a first map than having a ton of bad-looking detail that gets in the way of gameplay. You've got a decent sense of room-size, and though some aesthetic things could use a little work (wall linedef connected to the outdoor pool is darker than the rest, there's definitely a way to transfer light levels in hexen), you've got the basics down. I'd add a little more ammo so you can kill both mancs without using the secrets, but it works ok the way it is.

Keep working on this, I think you're going in the right direction, and though people may say 'don't work in zdoom if you're not using all the features, use vanilla!', I think it'd be better to work into those features than to try going right into them. Even though I settled on mapping for boom, I didn't really get all the features until I made an ep, and even now there's some random dehacked stuff I don't get ;) Looks good for the first map in an ep.

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