No Rest For The Living Demos

Might as well post these here.

Map01 UV Max in 5:38
Map02 UV Max in 4:22
Map03 UV Max in 3:28
Map04 UV Max in 4:38
Map05 UV Max in 8:54
Map06 UV Max in 7:42
Map07 UV Max in 6:24
Map08 UV Max in 1:33
Map09 UV Max in 3:53

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I'm not consistent enough to do packs, but if it's a big deal I'll slow down on the posts lol

MAP01 UV -Respawn in 3:33
MAP06 No Monsters in 0:42
MAP07 UV Speed in 1:57
MAP08 UV Speed in 0:59

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I get the same eof read error. When I compare my original nerve.wad and nervenew.wad, the latter is smaller, possibly implying some information got lost in the patching.

While my original nerve.wad loads find in doombuilder the nervenew.wad produces a load error, i.e. it's not a valid wad.

Even though it produces no errors, the patch does not seem to work properly (on my nerve.wad anyway).

Any suggestions how to fix this? I'd like to watch cyber531's demos in prboomplus rather than youtube if possible.

Edit: Problem solved. The patch must be over a specific version of nerve.wad, in this case the one shipped with doom3 -


Playing back cyberdemon531's epic uvmax single segment now :-)

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