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No Rest For The Living Demos

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MAP05 UV Max in 7:43



Actually a pretty damn good run. Mostly the latter half of it, at least. The first half was a bit sluggish with low ammo and sloppy infights. Quite a nice improvement from 8:24, though!





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MAP04 UV Max in 4:09



A mildly annoying run for a good map. Rocket distribution is very important, and there's quite a bit of infight potential so times can vary due to those. Have to make sure you get the glitched secret, I had a run where I missed it that was also pretty good.





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Full Game UV MAX in 42:44


Not the greatest run, but it's better than last time! There's not much to say about this run that hasn't been said in my IL run descriptions other than the whole game is done in one sitting. I do purposefully do MAP09 slowly to save up on rocket and cell ammo for MAP05/MAP06. I was a little shaky during MAP07/MAP08 and there were a lot of low health moments, but somehow I managed to survive.

MAP01 - 4:17 / 4:17
MAP02 - 3:10 / 7:27
MAP03 - 3:24 / 10:51
MAP04 - 4:29 / 15:20
MAP09 - 4:07 / 19:27
MAP05 - 7:25 / 26:52
MAP06 - 7:47 / 34:39
MAP07 - 6:21 / 41:00
MAP08 - 1:44 / 42:44  



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