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No Rest For The Living Demos

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MAP05 UV Max in 7:43



Actually a pretty damn good run. Mostly the latter half of it, at least. The first half was a bit sluggish with low ammo and sloppy infights. Quite a nice improvement from 8:24, though!





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MAP04 UV Max in 4:09



A mildly annoying run for a good map. Rocket distribution is very important, and there's quite a bit of infight potential so times can vary due to those. Have to make sure you get the glitched secret, I had a run where I missed it that was also pretty good.





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Full Game UV MAX in 42:44


Not the greatest run, but it's better than last time! There's not much to say about this run that hasn't been said in my IL run descriptions other than the whole game is done in one sitting. I do purposefully do MAP09 slowly to save up on rocket and cell ammo for MAP05/MAP06. I was a little shaky during MAP07/MAP08 and there were a lot of low health moments, but somehow I managed to survive.

MAP01 - 4:17 / 4:17
MAP02 - 3:10 / 7:27
MAP03 - 3:24 / 10:51
MAP04 - 4:29 / 15:20
MAP09 - 4:07 / 19:27
MAP05 - 7:25 / 26:52
MAP06 - 7:47 / 34:39
MAP07 - 6:21 / 41:00
MAP08 - 1:44 / 42:44  



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The last failed attempt from the 1000 records month that I had here to finish.


MAP03 UV Fast in 3:14.43 (was 3:19.03 by Cyberdemon531, 2018)

Demo: nerve03f314.zip
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pBUAy_6fNQ



Another MERCILESS map to play with Fast Monsters. Survival rate = 5%. Going below 3m10 should be doable, but I'm not sure about going below 3min. It might be possible, but it will surely be extraordinarily difficult.

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Posted (edited)

MAP5 UV Fast in 9:55.51 (was 11:22.40 by Cyberdemon531, 2019)

Demo: nerve05f955.zip



"Vivisection: Experimental surgery conducted on a living organism". What an unforgettable map, with quite an unforgettable name. This map is ruthless; it is composed of monsters-traps within monster-traps within monster-traps. With the added difficulty of fast monsters, the survival rate of this map is less than 2%.

Edited by Coincident : Re-upload of the zip demo file, which seems to have been corrupted somehow

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On 4/14/2020 at 5:14 AM, Datacore85 said:

Map04, Nightmare in 56s

Map05, UVMax in 12min30

Map06, Nightmare in 1min02

Map01, Nightmare in 1min03

Map02, Nightmare in 1min55

Map03, Nightmare in 1min07

Map08, Nightmare in 1min08









Hey, would you be able to add textfiles to your demos with info on the runs? It seems your demos have not been uploaded to DSDA at all from when you started submitting (even last year's runs), so if you would like your runs uploaded please add textfiles going forward. If you want your demos historically uploaded, please feel free to find all of your past uploads to Doomworld, add the textfiles, and repost the uploads to the pinned DSDA thread, as we won't be able to find the edits that far back in the past. Here's an example format:

Doom Speed Demos Archive

Maps:      01
Skill:     4
Category:  Max 
Exe:       Doom2.exe

Time:      1:00




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Map 07 Reality! in 3:41.00 (no previous record)


Demo: nr07real341.zip

A long and nerve-wrecking map to play on Reality! In this run I ended up killing many more monsters than I wanted. One way to reduce time in this run is by skipping kills; but doing so will make the survival rate of some areas drop too low. At least I skipped the Baron of Hell (in previous, slower runs, I didn't).

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Map 01 Reality! in 0:57.09 (no previous record)


Demo: n301real057.zip


Not very difficult. The amount of zombieman can provoke some unlucky resets, but not many. So this was not a frustrating run to achieve. I followed the current UV Speed / Pacifist record route (by Kraflab), with a few changes to make it viable for Reality!, namely killing more stuff; hitscanners mostly. Some imps and pinkies also had to die when they were on my way. But otherwise, what can save the most time here is NOT killing pinkies, and trying to run past them.

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Posted (edited)

Map 08 Reality! in 1:08.94 (no previous record)


Demo: nr08real108.zip

This run's not great because I got blocked by the imp when attempting the SR50 jump, but I succeeded on the 2nd jump, and achieved my time objective, so that's acceptable, I guess. Obviously the time can be lowered still by having better luck killing the starting imps so the way is clear, and you can start running for the first button sooner, by not being blocked by that imp of course, and by doing the pixel-setup on the wall faster, before the SR-50 jump.

Edited by Coincident

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Map 02 Reality! in 1:35.94 (no previous record)

Demo: nr02real135.zip

Video: https://youtu.be/ptP46bQowWk



2nd hardest NRFTL map to finish without damage so far (1st being Baron's Banquet). Spent a long time routing and practicing. I had already gotten a 1m41 exit with a couple of mistakes, so I wanted to beat the 1m40 barrier. I did it in this run, which was quite lucky; especially the yellow-key-grab from underneath the feet of the hell knight! This time can obviously be beaten by killing even fewer enemies and taking bigger risks. But it might be extremely frustrating to do so.

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