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peach freak

Block Monster Question

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Hi, I have a question about Block Monster lines. If I place one in front of a door that has action 1 (Door open wait close also monsters), if the monster gets to that line and it is close enough to the door, will the monster still be able to open up the door, even though he is unable to cross the line?

That's a common problem I have across my maps: monsters opening doors I don't want them to. My quick fix for that is to have fast-opening doors, but I want to keep it mixed and not have one style.

Will placing a block monster line in front of a door work to stop a monster from opening it, or will I need to switch the door action from D1 to S1 Door Open Wait Close (so pressing against the door opens it, but you need to tag the door lines and the sector itself)?


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Give it a try yourself maybe? It's not exactly a difficult test map to whip up.

You could place a floating linedef in front of the door with Block Monster.

If you map in Boom format, you can use Generalised linedefs which allow you to specify if a monster can activate something yourself.

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