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Old Easter Egg Demos

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I probably should have done this a while ago, but here are the Easter Egg demos from a couple of old demopacks.

Firstly, the ones from the Kama Sutra demopack. These were hidden as a uuencoded zip file in the comment text in the zip file for the demo pack. The version at doomedsda.us doesn't include this, as it must have been repackaged. :( And with the compet-n archive down, the file isn't available in the old DSDA archives either (only in doomworld.com/sda/dwdemo, as far as I know).

BTW, the map22 zombie idea doesn't have any use as far as I know. You can't exit map22 any quicker by using this, while if you exit map22 as a zombie, then map23 is impossible to exit (you can't get past the imps at the start as a zombie, and if you ghostify yourself, then you can't use the exit, as it is teleporter-style).

More eggs in the next post. If anyone wants to post those from other projects, feel free - especially if they are now hard to find or extract. I haven't added the Scythe demopack eggs in this thread, as they are still available in the zip at the new DSDA (if you know where to look).


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And here are the ones from the Extremal Doom demopack. Kristian had put these as hidden files in the zip that needed to be appended using a binary add (in reverse order, which briefly tripped me up when trying to recreate the file just now). Again, the original zip isn't at doomedsda.us.

Note that to watch Gusta's x2t7shit.lmp, you'll need to add "-emulate 2.2.6" the command line in prboom+, as he recorded with a prboom version that didn't attempt to emulate doom.exe's behaviour with respect to stairbuilding/crushing.


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