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More crazy miniature critters

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Here's some more recent sculptures I've done:

Mecaturtle (both forms) -- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES


Mothman -- Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow/Portrait of Ruin Nintendo DS


Specter -- Castlevania Order of Ecclesia Nintendo DS


Elefount -- Original piece


Amoeba -- Final Fantasy Legend III (SaGA III: Jikku No Hasha) Gameboy


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Has an army of ants even taken one of your tiny miniatures before? You don't sculpt with Cheetos fingers or anything, do you?

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Coopersville: Nope, critters never make off with them (I had some beetle larva eat the hair on one of my Final Fantasy figures though, which I had to replace), but I've prone to losing tiny pieces of them while I'm sculpting. Wind can send them airborne at times too. I never eat or drink anything while I'm sculpting--my fingers are usually covered with both dry and wet glue, as well as paint, besides being more than a little unsanitory, some of my paint is quite toxic.

Trilinear: Thanks!


Here's some more (I've been a busy little monkey lately):

Leafer/Leaf Bunny (Final Fantasy VI)


Spear Guard (Castlevania Legends)


Weed Killer (90s Swamp Thing animation/toyline)


Terror Tank (mid-80s Wheeled Warriors animation/toyline)


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