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Deja Vu - Episode for Ultimate Doom

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Hey folks (yes I know what you are thinking :P). I have started mapping on a new project as a way to get into mapping from a mapper's block.
Dejavu is it's name and the goal is just a pretty straight forward ultimate doom episode.

(I will post screens of the other levels as I finish them)

First level:

The plan so far is that the episode will contain a few map of each original episode's style (however not sticking completely to the style, but however influnced heavily by it).

So 2-3 maps for episode 1 style, 2-3 maps for episode 2 style, 2-3 maps for episode 3 style. 1 map for episode 4 style (secret map).

(Yes, I will get on with my other projects later.)

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Cool idea. I've always thought about making DOOM in one episode (or even one or three levels.) If it's for vanilla you might want to use sky2 for the episode's sky, as it's kind of like a blend between sky1 and sky3, with mountains yet red.

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