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Mapinfo in doomsday/jdoom?

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I know that doomsday doesn't read mapinfo.lmp like zdoom. So, how do I take the information in a mapinfo file and convert it so it works with doomsday? Do I put it in a ded file? How do I do that?

btw, I'm not a wad author or anything like that. Just play around with xwe a little to customize things like huds and titlepic for my own use. I'm mostly trying to make educated guesses here.

I only ask because I have not found anything else on the net yyet describing how to make information inside mapinfo.lmp work with doomsday or how to convert the info.


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Though some elements that are handled in a MAPINFO lump in ZDoom, aren't done in Doomsday using it's Map Info def's. For instance between level text is handled via Infine in Dday where as in ZDoom it is part of the MAPINFO lump.

A Ded file is just a plain text file with a different extension.

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Thanks for the reply.

I couldn't seem to figure anything out from the links you posted unfortunately. I am very new to this.

If I understand correctly, I can extract the text from the mapinfo lump and insert it into a ded file? Except for the ending text maybe?

Just to clarify what I'm trying to do exactly is take an existing mapinfo lump that I use in zdoom and make all the information inside it compatible somehow so I can use it in doomsday.

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Heres the Map Info for E1M1 of Doom:

Map Info {
ID = "E1M1";
Name = "HUSTR_E1M1";
Author = "id Software";
Music = "e1m1";
Par time = 30;
Gravity = 1;
Sky = "sky1";

This should help with the basic syntax. You can add or remove most lines (for instance the above def doesn't have any fog). "HUSTR_E1M1" refers to a text definition for the sake of Dehacked compatability. If your not worried about that, just enter what ever you want (i.e Name = "Great Map";)

Ending text in Doomsday isn't handled by Map Info. It is handled using Infine:


Heres an example of basic Infine syntax. As with a Map Info def, you can add or remove most lines:

ID = "Map02 Ending";
After = "MAP02";
Script {
music "victor"
flat FLOOR4_8;
wait 0.5
Text msg 10 10 "Blah blah"
WaitText msg

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So I can bassically just cut and paste that finale script with the proper map number, music, and ending text into infine to make it work?


flat FLOOR4_8

is that what determines the background for the end text?

Thanks again.

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Infine is just the nsme of that sort of definition; i.e map info def, infine def etc. They all go into ded files.

You should be able to use that example as is, yes.

To replace the flat with a background image, use this line instead: Patch back 0 0 XXXXX

"XXXXX" is name of the background graphic.

The numbers are the X and Y positions.

"Back" can be replaced with whatever you wish; it's an ID for the patch ("msg" in the above example is an ID for the text) and is used to reference it in animations and the like (i.e move it around, scale it, delete it etc).

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As Vermil explained, although they share the same name, Doomsday's MapInfo definitions are a bit different to ZDoom's Hexen-derived MAPINFO lumps. In fact, several ports have extended the original Hexen-derived MapInfo in different ways resulting in somewhat of a cross-port compatibility minefield.

Doomsday sidestepped this problem by deliberately not extending the original format and instead, implementing its own system(s).

However, support for MAPINFO lumps in DOOM and Heretic is planned for a future Doomsday release but for the most part, support will be at Hexen-level compatibility; so ZDoom extensions will not be supported (at least initially).

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Even then, at least you should consider using map names instead of map numbers. Otherwise you'd have something that'd be 100% incompatible with non-Hexen MAPINFOs created for ZDoom.

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By "name" do you mean the name of the marker lump in a WAD? If so then yes that is the current plan as far as the map DOOM/Hexen map interpreter is concerned. Within the engine itself, we intend to do something a bit different :)

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Using the lump names is necessary to support ExMy levels anyway.

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