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Why does Jaguar Doom only play music during intermissions?

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Does anyone know why there was no level music for Jaguar Doom.

It just seems strange that it is on the cart (i.e taking up space, that could have been used for say additional textures, if the Jaguar could handle them) and used for the intermission screens, but not the levels themselves.

Was it a simple case of the music slowing the game down too much?

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Quite simple actually, and it's nothing to do with RAM.

The Jaguar's math co-processor DSP chip doubles as a sound chip for playing music. Because DOOM uses the DSP for virtually all of the collision detection and other things, there are not enough cycles free to process music while running the game sim.

This was a pretty serious limitation of the Jaguar, and I really doubt id was the only developer that had to fight around it.

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