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Static analyzer found a small issue in ZDoom code inside EE

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As you know EE uses ZDoom's 3D object clipping code, because it's pretty much the only 3D object clipping code ever written for DOOM that *just works*. But MP2E's static analyzer did turn up this, in EE's P_CheckPosition3D, which is curious:

612   // Nothing is blocking us, but this actor potentially could
613   // if there is something else to step on.
614   fakedblocker = clip.BlockingMobj;
      Value stored to 'fakedblocker' is never read
I wonder what this is supposed to do, and if it is indicative of a problem that may have already been fixed in ZDoom.

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That code is as dead in ZDoom as it is in Eternity. It seems to be a leftover of something that either never got finished or was removed before any source containing it was released. Even the oldest source version I have containing this line doesn't do anything with it.

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