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Remember that old magazine add for PSX Doom? The Hierarchy of Doom?

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Here's a remade version http://i.imgur.com/mjxh7.jpg

(from a reddit post by the guy who made it: http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/ceero/the_real_hierarchy_of_doom/ )

(In case you've never seen the original: http://imgur.com/nZdd0 )

It's sweet! When I was like 7 I had the original ripped out of a magazine and used to stare at it and wish I could play the whole game (I wasn't allowed to buy past the shareware), or at least wish I could play without cheats...

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Someone just linked the original ad on reddit/r/gaming, and someone made a mockery post called "The REAL Hierarchy of Doom" where they made this better version

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