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Parkour Doom (Free-style Speed Running)

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I've made a level mod for ZDoom Doom II. It is based on level 14 "The Inmost Dens". Fun stuff. You can actually run through it, straight to the end, in almost no time -- hopping fences and stuff, with ZDoom. You can also jump around the entire level without needing any keys. It's pretty fun. Even with monsters. My edited version was made with Doom Builder 2, and has the monsters, keys, weapons, ammo, power-ups and generally everything removed. I think my best record on this version is 8 seconds -- and that was only one time. It does make it easier to not having monsters running around, but it's a good example of how levels can be beaten in ZDoom and ZDoom-like ports without needing so many (or any) items and keys, or switches turned. Level 15 (Industrial Zone) and a lot of the other "City" levels are like this.

I will upload it when I get a chance.

Also, I'd like to make an entire series of brand-new, custom-designed levels based on this premise of "Parkour" running and obstacle dodging. If anyone is interesting in helping, you are more than welcome to share idea and to show me what you can come up with.


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To be perfectly honest, and not to slam that mod, cause it looks pretty awesome -- it looks like that's got more of a focus on enhanced weaponry, plus some gravity modifications, and correct me if I am wrong in saying that. My emphasis would be more on running, jumping and dodging obstacles (even perhaps, monsters, where applicable) than weapon modding or combat. That looks pretty cool, though. Wish I could find a screen recording program that would work well. I've had some problems trying to screen record with PrBoom, GLBoom, Zdoom and the like. I thought that maybe I could run Zdoom through DOSbox and record my game play, but Zdoom is more of a windows port. I think I shall try CamStudio here in just a few minutes. Thanks for showing me that other mod. It seems cool.

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