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change music of map01 - legal issues

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I'm making a level for DOOMII. I don't like music from MAP01 so I would like to use music from another level.

From what I found the only possible solution (I want to be compatible with any source port) is to extract the music from the desired level, rename it to D_RUNNIN and add to PWAD.

And if I do it this way I will end up distributing copyrighted content (made by ID Software) along with my map.
Question 1 - is it legal?
Question 2 - will such wad be accepted at idgames archive?
Question 3 - is there another way to change music to music from another level and be compatible with all source ports/vanilla doom?

Bonus question 4 - can I add music from The Ultimate Doom to Doom II PWAD? (this looks even more problematic)

Sorry that my question is probably very easy but surprisingly I couldn't find any answer using the search function.


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1. It is allowed by the terms of the license for the Doom games. (You can redistribute modified resources, provided it's intended to be used with the same game.)

2. Yes. There are thousands of precedents.

3. You can use a DeHackEd patch for that. (Though it may have been a Boom Extension (BEX), not sure.)

4. Technically not allowed by the license, however still accepted on the archive. You could work around that by making it for Plutonia, if the Ultimate Doom tune you want to use is part of included. But you shouldn't worry too much about that anyway.

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Personally I'd just copy whatever track you want to play into your wad. DeHackEd is really overkill in this case and makes it more annoying to use with the actual vanilla exe.

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Yeah, the DehackEd option is most convenient if you already plan to use a DeHackEd patch. Although if you use a DeHackEd patch you can also change the level name in the automap to match a new one in the intermission, which kills two birds with one stone.

Gez said:
(Though it may have been a Boom Extension (BEX), not sure.)

Nope, Boom only uses what DeHackEd allows there (but at least it supports it, as it fails to support a few other text substitutions.)

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