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An odd sprite request.

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Ok, now I know this may sound odd (and I really wasn't sure where to post this) but my megawad project - 'Doomed' in the likely event that all of you have forgotten me during my two month break from the internet - has hit a problem. That problem being that I need sprites for a gramaphone horn. Yep, you read that right, A GRAMAPHONE HORN. As I don't have one, don't know anyone who owns one, have found it ridiculously difficult to draw and can't find any decent pictures of them on the internet, if anyone has one then could they please put it against a plain background and take photos of it from all eight of the sprite angles? I will repay you with my undying love.

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This response depends on how much effort you're willing to put in, and assumes some familiarisation with 3D graphics.

Acquire a 3D model of a gramophone (there must be free ones available), take screenshots of it in each of the angles you require, then retouch the resulting sprites manually.

An alternative to finding a pre-built model is to create your own crude representation (for this I recommend the program QME - Quake Model Editor). Honestly this is much easier than it sounds, as QME is drastically simpler than professional 3D editing packages, and comes with a few built-in primitives to base the model on (cones, boxes etc)

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