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Linedefs or script?

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In a map that I am working on I have constructed a quite elaborate centre piece for it.
The plan is, you walk through a medium sized room with flickering lights into a large pitch black room with some very basic scenery and a gramaphone in it - hence my request for a gramaphone horn sprite. When you enter the large room the door slams shut behind you, blocking the escape and music starts. After 15 seconds lights come on illuminating diagonally opposite corners of the room, a further 8 seconds pass and the other 2 quarters light up, about a second after, monsters start teleporting into the room in a specific order. After a full 3 mins 7 seconds (187 seconds) a mid texture door opens up to a brighter area for the player to escape. I have all the things except for the music working independently on walk over action line defs, but this is sometimes buggy and awkward. What would be the easiest way to get around this? The best ways I can think of is either a player voodoo doll sat on a conveyer belt causing the events to happen or a script (I am using Zdoom, Doom in Hexen format). I am unskilled with both scripts and voodoo dolls so can anyone give me any pointers in what to do with them?
The other question is that I have the piece of music in mp3 format, what is the best way to use this in doom as music throughout the event? If I need to convert it into a different format then what programme do I use?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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If you use ZDoom a script is certainly easier. because you'd just have to write out the actions in a text file.

For help, best visit http://zdoom.org . It has some good tutorials about various ZDoom aspects, including ACS.

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PhilibusMo said:

The best ways I can think of is either a player voodoo doll sat on a conveyer belt causing the events to happen or a script

Definitely a script. Voodoo dolls on conveyor belts are a hacky way to compensate for lack of scripting ability, and they have their lot of issues such as making sure the timing is right.

You'll want to read this:

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