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Dreamhack QL stream this weekend

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Quoted from Quakelive.com's forum

NVC said: For those that do not know yet, #lvl^ TV will be providing livestreams of the event starting Saturday through to Sunday. We're teaming up with James "2GD" Harding who will be on hand to present commentary and interviews LIVE from the event in Sweden.

High Quality (by Trance) on TV1
Low Quality on TV2

Live Streams: http://www.levelupyourgame.net and/or embed on http://live.dreamhack.se
IRC: #lvl^ @ irc.quakenet.org

More info soon on esreality.com

Thanks to Jay for his awesome coverage in advance, and i hope you all enjoy the event

BTW. Anyone who's interested in the EG finals can catch the VODs here:

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