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I finally had a Doom dream last night!

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I wasn't in the game, I was playing it. 'It' being what looked like a more advanced version of ZDoom or something, with dynamic lighting and various other cool features that I can't remember now.

I was walking around these spooky looking brown corridors with big lava pools all over the place. I had a shotgun, and was using it to kill a load of Imps, but they appeared to have super AI, and were running around, dodging my shots, jumping over the lava, etc. They also looked REALLY evil, with glowing red eyes.

Once when I shot one of the Imps, it flew back into the lava, creating a huge splash, and a sizzling sound.

I know there was more to this dream, but I rarely remember my dreams at all, and when I do I usually can't remember many details. I sometimes have those cool dreams where you know you're dreaming, and then I remember pretty much everything that happens :)

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Very cool dream you had.

If you can remember what any of the level you were in looked like, you oughta design it with an editor. Lüt and I have both done that before and gotten some very satisfying results.

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Possibly a psychic flash of Doom3? Lucky bastard.

Nah, "Doom 3" will be so much better - I'm sure of it!

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