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DooMworld infopage mistake?

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Hello doomworld admins,

during the XXX-lan, the [XXX]members tested the parameters
"-left" and "-right"

you can read this:

"doom -devparm -nodes 3 -left"
"doom -devparm -nodes 3"
"doom -devparm -nodes 3 -right"

but this didn't work
they were able to use this function with

"doom -net 3 -left"
"doom -net 3"
"doom -net 3 -right"

-devparm is optional

and here the video:


according to the doomworld page this function runs till V1.6
at doomwiki it says only till V1.1, but we don't know which is
correct, but there are the parameter descriptions right

may you could change this description

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That page is hosted on Doomworld, but it's not run by the Doomworld staff.

The errors you point out are on the (official) DOOM FAQ by Hank Leukart, from where that data is quoted.

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Actually it's more of a relic by now. Good for a nostalgia trip back in the pre-source port days of MS-DOS :-p

I still remember a pre-Doom II version of it that had some hilarious descriptions and made-up names for the -then- new monsters that would appear in Doom II e.g. Fatso for Mancubus.

I'm surprised that it's still used as a reference for the game -especially considering how it is frozen at v1.666 of the EXEs (so it was out of date already by the time Final Doom came out, which isn't even mentioned). some stuff is superseded and better understood after years of ripping the source code apart etc.

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