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Hand X

Doom95 bots?

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Is there a way to patch the engine, or something like, for bot support in it? Skulltag has good bots, but my pc is too shitty for it. Tried Doom Legacy but it is buggy. Zdaemon's are nothing more than erm... targets in movement. :(

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You can disable Skulltag's OpenGL renderer I'm pretty sure, or tone down the OpenGL settings to not be bilinear and all that.

Also if you can't run skulltag I suggest you buy a $20 graphics card that has OpenGL support or something... Unless it's a laptop... Anyway see if you can find ways to tone down the settings in Skulltag to make it work...

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Skulltag runs fine on 400mhz box, 64mb ram. You will need to adjsut settings.

In skulltag.ini make gl_nogl true. Then you can load up skulltag and further adjust settings menu. Cap framerate and tons of other options.

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