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Walter confetti

Quake maps?

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Hello to all.

Someone can give me some good maps for quake \ quake 2?

Recently i re-discovered this awesome games, and i like to know about some good maps done for this games...

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http://quakeone.com/ <-- News and stuff
http://www.quaddicted.com/ <-- News and stuff

http://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/ <-- their version of idgames with ratings
http://www.quaddicted.com/engines/engine_comparison.html <-- Fitzquake was updated since with increased limits for warpc and such.


Depending on the engine you use you might want to add -dinput to the commandline to kill mouse acceleration, unfortunately it also kills the mouse wheel in game so you might want to adapt the guide in my sig on using the mouse wheel in PrBoom for Quake. I'll tack on a bit of Quake info at the end of the guide.

Quake II seems far less active or multiplayer only so I'll point out 2 update/bug fixed single player engines I like.

http://kmq2.quakedev.com/ <-- Unofficial Quake2 Patch v3.23

http://www.enigmaticsoftware.com/q2cp/ <-- The Quake 2 Compilation Project

Popular multiplayer engines seem to be R1Q2, AprQ2 and EGL.

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Quake 1 got plenty of really sweet expansions.
Kaiser made one for instance.

Another great episode is "Rapture".

For Quake2 I think my favorite mod is Castles of stroggos 3. But there's a lot to find there too.

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