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Mouse accel Fix under Win9x

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This .COM disable acceleration for DOS apps under Windows9x. Note that because of this accel I considered much DOS game to be unplayable under Win and used DOS with MS mouse driver 6.02 (small and no accel).
So I thought it might help somme Doomers like me (myk in mind)

Copy folowinn as Hex in a file named UNACCEL.COM ore something
B8 2D 00 BB 04 00 CD 33 B8 1A 00 BB 60 00 B9 60
00 BA 7F 00 CD 33 B8 00 4C CD 21
copy the COM in your path.
And now before lunching doom type UNACCEL.


So basicaly it Selects acceleration Profile number 4, which is non accelerated by default, and set vertical sensivity and horizontal to 60h (6 time original speed)

B8 2D 00 BB 0X 00 ; X is accel profile number 01 to 04.

BB 60 00 ; Set Horizontal speed to 60h you can change it.

B9 60 00 ; Set Vertical speed to 60h you can change it.

The latest bites are not necessary but program crash if they are not presant Still making its job however.

And that all you have to know to play with it.

== NOTES ==
1) This will work under Win9x/ME or under DOS with 7.x MS divers.
2) It will only affect the curent COMMAND.COM instance.
3) Putting it in AUTOEXEC.BAT will not make effect for windows because mouse drivers are loaded later.
4) all credit goes to RBIL for its Great doc about INTs and so INT-33.

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Interesting. Ive always fixed this issue by installing an alternate (Genius) mouse driver instead of using the standard mouse driver. I think most speed runners and dedicated deathmatchers also use alternate drivers, because many don't use acceleration.

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Lol this tip reminded of the good old PEEK & POKE tips in 80s computer magazines.

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