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Why does Doom have more long-term popularity? [new]

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The posts in this thread have well covered the reasons why Doom is still popular. Let me list the merits of Doom from the perspective of a 40-something who doesn't really like games, but still enjoys relaxing by playing Doom and Spider Solitaire.

  1. Excellent single-player gameplay: I don't like competitive multi-player gaming — first, because I have little natural skill, and so don't usually last long, and second, because I find competitive games stressful rather than relaxing.

  2. Suitable for younger children! (ironic considering Doom's reputation). I can let my nephew and niece play because the violence is more low-res, cartoonish, and inhuman than more modern games. However to prevent them having the Doom dreams I remember from '94, I don't let them play too long, nor too soon before bed. I don't think I'd sleep well if I was putting sniper bullets in people's heads.

  3. A never-ending supply of excellent free levels, that always bring the unexpected. From reading this thread I see that some modern games have level editors, but that they discourage people with their complexity. I'd assumed that modern games no longer allow user-created levels, because it greatly reduces the need to buy new games and official expansion packs.

  4. Slugfest gameplay. I love the frenzy, and remember being bored by Quake II, because there were so few enemies.

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One of my favorite aspects of Doom is how relatively abstract most of the levels are. I would say that 95% of most maps, including PWADS, are made of complete imagination and don't actually resemble anything realistic. Sure, you have generic tech bases and hell environments, but none of them can be called realistic by any stretch, which gives Doom it's charm - imagination.

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Ooooooooooooooooooold thread.

But yeah I'm happy to contribute to the never ending supply of doom maps. I find that it's much easier for me to make the types of maps I like to play more so than to try to find someone who makes maps the way I like them. Not to say that no one makes maps that I like, but it's also good to know that people enjoy the stuff I make for them for the most part, which is a big boost to keep me in front of wad editors.

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Ah my first FPS was a game called Eradicator. It had an engine similar to Duke Nukem 3D's. Way more stuff was possible than with Doom.

Also I remember playing Heretic and falling in love with the game...

Theeeen I played Doom. I was like "Why is this so similar to Heretic?" Hahahaha...

Anyway once I played Doom I immediately fell in love with it for ever. It's my number one favorite game and Starcraft is my number 2. I just love scifi alien horror type of games and both are obviously inspired by Aliens...

I remember the hell levels like House of Pain fascinated me with the strange hellish lore and all that stuff. I also remember the end of Episode one. First encountering the two Barons was quite an experience. I was just like WOW MAN!!! I can't even kill them with the rocket launcher in one hit WTF! And then I spent hours examining that teleport at the end with that crazy demonic face on it and how it would take you to a place of pain for a few seconds before apparently making you end up in the other base.

Ah man, I just loved the scifi Space Marine stuff they had going while at the same time the insane imagination behind the hellish stuff that they managed to put in.

Aaaand now I love modding and mapping for DooM as well as playing custom maps...

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Because it has simple and fast gameplay, if there's another reason, is the same as tetris and pac-man. :P

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The easy editing is an obvious reason and the resulting huge amount of usermade content another. But I've always thought that the reason there are mappers and player lies especially in the gameplay. I just find Doom's gameplay to be just about perfect in terms of different monster types, their attack types and the weapons the player has and the health/ammo/damage amounts. Of all the years I've played doom, the only thing I would change is that I would like lost souls to have less hp, about so much that you'd be able to kill them with one SG bullet and that's about it. Doom's varied monster types also makes it possible to have very different types of levels in term of gameplay.

Modern games then? Well, they are mostly just boringly repetive and don't have any enemies whose projectiles you can dodge. Just an endless amount of games with basically one type of enemy: one that shoots normal bullets, be it from a shotgun or pistol or machine gun or whatever. The point is that the tactics needed to defeating the enemy are always pretty much the same. With "better" graphics you also have a very strict limit of how many enemies you can have attacking player at once. And cover system and regenerating health just make things worse.

And yeah, there are of course several games that have different types of monsters as enemies, but none of them have impressed me greatly, especially in terms of gameplay.

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