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need some fantasy level tips

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I have decided to scrap my previous mod plans (uss nomad) and instead have decided to start working on a fantasy based mod for doom 2. Now, I want this to turn out like a miniature version of the elder scrolls oblivion, and I need some tips on how to make good, believable levels, both indoor and outdoor.

Any suggestions?


WIP Screen-shots...

The weapons and enemies are not ready yet.

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Play other levels you like and get inspiration, and then meld in your own creative ideas and designs to make a level. Afterward the best thing to usually do would be to provide screenshots or downloads of your project, and then learn from the criticism and feedback others will give you.

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xhmmxc22x said:

Holy balls, I love Elder scrolls oblivion. You had better finish this.

lol. I will try to finish this, and yes, I am loving that game too. :)

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I once had a similar idea, made a proof of concept map where the player could talk to an NPC (used strife's dialogue system), move between 2 maps, and buy a sword off of said NPC with gold you could find scattered about. I got discouraged when I realized each actor as defined in DECORATE could only be associated with one dialogue script. I think I've forgotten everything about how the dialogue scripting worked, though.

anyway, good luck to you.

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Dragonsbrethren said:

The sector based stalactites look terrible - I suggest using sprites for them instead.

1) Saying they "look terrible" is NOT constructive criticism, although I am fine with your suggestion.

2) I am not using those sector-based stalagmites (or whatever they are called) anymore.

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The stalagtites only look bad because they are so square. if you made them more rounded, they would probably look ok.

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Stalactites* :P

Stalagmites are the ones on the ground.

Hint: Stala(c)tites - C for Ceiling; Stala(g)mites - G for ground.

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