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Trying to customize my doom experience

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I'm trying to customize my experience when playing doom a little. I've already figured out how to add the brightmaps and lights. Added the Legacy of suffering blood splatter decals, smoother weapon animations, and psx sounds thanks to some helpful doomworld and zdoom forum members. I"ve mostly just been ripping the resources from other wads. I'm very new to editing as well.

I was also looking to add footsteps, gibbing, and shell casings. Not sure where to find these or how to add them yet. Anyone have any suggestions?

I've tried doom enhanced, but it was a bit too much. I really didn't like a lot of the new item pickup sounds. Still not sure if I like blue/green blood for the cacodemon/baron. And I don't like the monster footsteps. Just makes too much racket.

Also, I can;t seem to get the psx hud to work along side with the pk_weapports smoother weapons.

So, I'm pretty much asking if anyone knows where I can get/how to:

*good sounding Footsteps/splashes

*Shell casings for the standard doom/doom 2 weapons that will work with the smoother weapons mod.

*How to extract the gibbing code from doom enhanced.

*How to get the pk smoother weapons mod to work correctly with the psx hud from the psx doom tc.

I'm using the latest version of gzdoom.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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GhostlyDeath said:

Flip all the doom levels horizontally.

Just turn your monitor on its side. Easier than coding...

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