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New Zdoom(ish) Wad Projekt : Doom 2.5, The Long Trek Back Home. [WIP]

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Heya folks. Longtime newstuff reader and DooMer, just recently downloaded DoomBuilder 2. You can look at the map in -3d- now. Holy balls. That's exciting. So I spent about 4 hours learning how to use this new-fangled machine. I DO plan on making new monsters and stuff too. Just to keep it exciting. Just as soon as I figure out how to import em in. And A.I. Can't be that hard.

Anywho, I always wondered how exactly the Doomguy made it back to Earth from where he was. There was no visible exit presented to him after he fired rockets into Satan's Brain. Well. I could think of One exit. Behold, My first map! Part one of Many!

DooM 2.5: The Long Trek Back Home

Also, I would like some advice here. Well, any newbie mapper advice is great. But particularly here, anyone got any tips on how to make better teeth? They look better on a lower brightness setting (its just high for screenshots), but I don't want to depend on the player not being able to see it so it looks good. Hah. Also, on the first pic, I was trying to figure out how to make the pipe texture go sideways (that is supposed to be the lift/pillar thing that you rose up on to shoot him in the brain). Is there a way to rotate the texture on a linedef like that? Or Do I need to just make a new texture and import? Gimme feedback. If it sucks. Let me know, I'll try to make it awesome. I'm sure I have made some basic mistakes in my first go.

Here is the Teeth I was talking about.

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You could use slopes, and a white texture

Textures cannot go sideways (you have to make it yourself, which would be easy)

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Thought so on the sideways textures. Yeah, sounds pretty easy to get it in. And a slope would definitely work for the teeth. I knew there was a way to do that. I just hadn't discovered it yet. I'll keep working on it and when I get it semi presentable I will upload a demo so people can get a better look at it.

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