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Blue Key

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Kawhoosh! The steel pneumatic door hisses open to reveal an unsurprising scene. Bodies lie slumped in corners, in chairs, over computer consoles and control panels. Green and blue glowing buttons flicker through the pooling blood. Coworkers, scientists, guards. Even that dick Kyle from terraforming is dead, piled upon the fresh mound of corpses that dominates the center of the room. You grunt with satisfaction and move on, deeper into the base.

More blood, more gore, more towering techno-gadgetry that seemingly serves no purpose. Endless plastic paneling and drab concrete. A large room stacked with crates. “How the fuck did they get these in here, and why? What do they keep in these things?” you ponder as you approach an important looking door. “Blue key? Blue key?! FUCK YOU!” You bang on the door repeatedly before reaching the inevitable conclusion, your going to need to find that keycard. A foreboding corridor looms ahead, lights flicker in distant doorways and shadows seem to dart about in the depths. “This looks promising” you mutter.

Hiiisss! Sawhoosh! A raging fireball singes your buttocks. Argh! You pivot round and face your attacker. The monster is a mockery of mankind, it stands like a man yet is not. Sheer metal thorns protrude from its chest and limbs and a bestial visage complete with deep set eyes and gaping jaw confirms your suspicions.


Crimson bursts of ichor blossom on the beasts chest. It seems to plead with you as its innards escape with gusto. Groaning, it falls flat on its face with a thump.


Red mist, slopping meat, slithering entrails. The beast is no more.

“Now where is that bloody key?”

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