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Youtube speedrun thread

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This is the thread where Youtube speedruns can be posted instead of actual .lmp files. Hopefully this will relieve pressure on the official youtube thread, and give people like me a place to dump Youtube speedruns. (I play with Skulltag, you see, and there is no way to record offline).

Here is the starter thread from my DVII MAP01 speedrun:


A month or two ago, I was speaking with a certain alcoholic beverage in a UAC Ultra survival server. We were discussing the nightmare game mode, and I brought up DVII MAP01. He flat out refused to accept that it was possible.

A few nights ago, I began recording my attempts to beat this. During one such event, it worked. Since this is a video of a practice session, the quality is not so great, but it gets the job done.

Filmed with FRAPS whilst playing on Skulltag.

EDIT: Who "disliked" this? 44 views and 1 dislike. Goddammit, if it's about the lack of prboom, I'm going to be pissed.


-The imp in front of the mancubus will save your ass by absorbing a few fireballs while you blow up the barrels.
-The hordes of zombies on the dam are an excellent source of ammo/infighting. Just avoid the fireballs and head for the double medkit.
-The cacodemon room is by far the hardest part. It's an exercise in sheer luck every time you play. I got lucky this time in that one of the barrels was detonated by a monster's stray projectile.


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I play with Skulltag, you see, and there is no way to record offline

Just tried it to check, seems to work just like ZDoom for me (I make a shortcut and add "-record X.lmp" at "Target").

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Here are the videos of my demos that I've published on YouTube thus far. In the case of my idgames/levels/doom/ campaign demos, I already posted them in my dedicated thread, but it wouldn't hurt to post them here as well. This list includes videos I have yet to post in the other thread, too. Note that the quality of my earlier videos isn't the best, as I hadn't fully worked out the best way to encode them at the time. Also, I usually only upload one video for each WAD, primarily of my UV max demos; to watch the other demos I've recorded on those WADs, you'll need to go to the thread and download my demo packages for those WADs.

- idgames/levels/doom/ Campaign -

- Non-Campaign Demos -

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