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iNudge - ToneMatrix to the 8th

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A year and two days ago, I posted a link to a flash application called Tone Matrix, in which users could create a simple piano loop and share it with others (but not easily).

Now, almost exactly a year later, I have found iNudge, a very advanced version of Tone Matrix that adds 6 new instruments and a drum panel, along with the ability to extend the grid past the base 16 columns and add more bars.

Not only is there MUCH more functionality, but it is also MUCH easier to share the tunes with others. Just hit the "Get+Share" button, go to the Link tab, and copy-paste that link to whoever you wish.

Just for fun, I made a relatively long loop in order to make some form of a song, which I call "Journey in the Stars", because I am cheesy like that:


Have at it and post your creations here!

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Steeveeo said:


Groan. Apple should copyright that i-prefix so everyone would stop using it already.

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